Contact Lenses

Here At Alex Optical we are proud to specialize in all types of contact lenses.

From dailies to very complex keratoconic fittings. Nowadays there is practically a contact lens for everyone. I think the youngest person that I fitted with lenses was 4yrs old and the oldest 78yrs. For sure the commonest used lenses are disposables. 

The daily disposable as they becoming more affordable they seem to be the preferred choice. Presbyopia clients have also a choice of multifocal contact lenses so they don’t have to depend on there lenses for reading. Here at Alex Optical we will take you through the process of choosing the best contact lens for you. We use our specialist topography equipment so we can choose the best lenses for you. Make sure to teaching you to handle and clean properly with your lenses.

But lastly and for sure of great importance to monitoring your lenses making sure they are always healthy. The aftercare is there to deal with any issues that may arise from contact lens wear. Unfortunately due to frequent use of electronic devices, been closed in an air condition office, dust and pollution in the atmosphere discomfort may occur with our lenses.

  Frequently asked questions

What are the best lenses for me?

There is huge range of materials and types of lenses nowadays. Depending on your spectacle prescription, condition of your eyes and reasons for wearing the lenses we will decide on the best option and discuss it with you.

At what age my child can have lenses?

Our view is when a child can look after themselves and have good personal hygiene. Of course that differs between different children and between boys a girls. The earliest I would say a girl can have lenses is 8yrs and boys 10yrs.  

Can I sleep with my lenses?

Even though there are contact lenses for that purpose they are Not recommended at Alex Optical. Unfortunately lenses that you sleep for one week or a month at a time carry on a much greater risk of severe infection  so we feel it just no justify the risk. 

Are contact lenses expensive?  

Contact lenses are very affordable and over the years there prices have been reducing. Feel free to come in and have a chat about prices etc which they may vary according to your needs.

Am I too old for contact lenses?  

Even though many people think 50+ is too old for contact lenses, it’s unlikely to be your age that would stop you wearing them. For sure the only think you need is motivation! We’ve fitted contact lenses for thousands of people in their fifties, sixties, seventies...

What about if I want to see for distance and to read? 

Yes, it’s almost certain that we can arrange contact lenses for you. They are called multifocal contact lenses and have similar concept to multifocal glasses. 

Can I wear contact lenses if I have astigmatism?  

Yes, almost certainly. It’s a myth that you can’t wear contact lenses for astigmatism nowadays even with very high astigmatism. For very high astigmatism you may need specialized contact lenses! Sometimes they achieve even better vision that your glasses.  I don't like the thought of putting them in... We’ll take our time to show you exactly how to apply and remove contact lenses. There are a few different options, so we can find the way that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. Applying and removing contact lenses doesn’t hurt, and you should get used to it very quickly.  If Contact Lenses are something you want wear, motivation and time is all that is needed.

What if a contact lens gets lost in my eye?

Don’t worry. It’s a common fear, but it just never happens. There is nowhere for the lenses to disappear. 

I get dry eyes - can I still wear contact lenses? 

Nowadays, silicone hydrogel lenses are soft and breathable, and don’t dry your eyes out like old-style contact lenses did. Also, there are lots of products which have been designed for just this situation, such as Dailies Total one.. This is a daily disposable for eyes prone to sensitivity, dryness.
Isn't looking after contact lenses a pain? Not these days, especially with Dailies which you throw away!  Some specialized lenses need a little more care!

But my corneas are an odd shape?

We can arrange bespoke scleral contact lenses to fit your eyes only. We use Topography to map the front of the cornea, and get them made especially for you.  We specialize in keratonconic fittings.